Participants Feedback/Reviews

It was a great experience for me to learn Data Science program from Big Bang Data Science. As part of lab exercise, we practiced the algorithms of Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning and Natural Language Processing and also learned pros and cons of using each of these algorithms with sets of data we collected during start of the program.

Oli Saffiullah

Technical Account Manager IBM - GA

I really like the training session, as a new student in Big Bang Data science I have learned many things and got the concept of being a Data Scientist. We just need more effort to repeat all materials given by Mr. Mo. was doing a great job to make sure we are following the class

Abdelaaziz Aouaq


Hi, my name is Asif. I was in batch 3 class. In this class, we had a lot of tableau homework. So be ready for that! You will become expert in tableau after this class is over. With R software I learned something but still attending batch 4 to learn more. Last batch class, python was not covered as much as other 2 software.

Asif Sajjah

Business Analyst - Atlatna

Where I’m from if you snooze you lose. You sit back on snooze and waiting for what? The Data Science to come through the social media and end up in your head? Don’t lose out on this chance to get in on the ground floor of a new highly sought-after professional field. This is not training for a job. This is a serious, challenging college-level program offered at a fraction of the cost. You are investing in your future and what is offered here is a once in a lifetime opportunity. …

Nadine Terrell


The sessions are informative and motivating. The amount of homework is intense. As a beginner, I spend extended hours to accomplish my work, but I am learning and advancing along the way. BBDS does a great job clearing our doubts and answering our questions. It is worth to mention, the price for such a class is very reasonable!

Aliya Sajjad


It is a comprehensive program where we learned various Data science methodologies. Following are the unique features of this training: – We take a business problem as a project and implement the topics we learn in the class.- We have a team to work on the project so we can always bounce ideas and assist the team members to complete the project….

Vamsi Dokiparthi

Senior BI Consultant - Atlanta GA

I do like the training session. Now I can understand how it works and by using a data example is helping a lot. Tableau and rapid miner, R, and Python session are also interesting. However, as a student, we need to sacrifice a lot of time to do a lot of homework and project at the same time….

Erwin Budiman

Self employed - Atlanta GA

The content of this course is very thorough and exposes us to various tools like Tableau, RapidMiner, Python, and R. The sessions are informative and motivating. The amount of homework is intense. As a beginner, I spend extended hours to accomplish my work, but I am learning and advancing along the way. BBDS does a great job clearing our doubts and answering our questions. It is worth to mention, the price for such a class is very reasonable!

Refai H.

Toronto, Canada

The training is fast-paced with lots of assignments. It’s a course which teaches you everything about Data Science you need to know. The projects are according to current industry standards. In this program, we learn many tools like Tableau, Rapid miner, R, Python, Sas, Watson Analytics etc. There are a lot of help sessions, Mr. Mo is always available to address any issues we have in our projects or other topics. There are hundreds of interview questions added to the course….

Tanvir Shaik

QA - Houston TEXAS

I’m glad I took this BBDS course. As a beginner, It has given me adequate knowledge of data science along with hands-on experience to various tools like a tableau, rapid miner, R, python. To push you even forward, each session is accompanied with homework and LABS designed to analyze and thus better understand the material. As a suggestion, I really wish there was some break mid-way through the course so we could catch up…

Samay Ali

Mimi Florida

The demand for data science skills has grown significantly in recent years and the role of data scientists is often confused. Mr. Mo and BBDS team are helping me and BBDS batch#, 4 students, to pursue a career in DS by assigning different projects. For example, I’m in the Anomaly Detection project with four team members. Mo’s clear vision of CRISP-DM methodology and hands-on training assignments exposes us to various tools ….

Gulam Siddiqui

TA in Pharmaceuticals - New York

Mr, Mo teaching covers a comprehensive, very intensive and practical training on using the most recent advances in the tools required to becoming a data scientist, and a very good understanding of a big data handling. The instruction style is perfect; the instructor describes the main idea an let u struggle in finding the solution, which at the end, improves your ability to becoming independent and work on your own, being creative, thank you Mr.Mo making me part of this course

Madhavi Mandadapu

QA - Atlanta GA

This course covers the necessary tools and concepts used in the data science industry, including machine learning, statistical inference, working with data at scale and much more. The track is extremely streamlined and sufficiently challenging to keep you involved for the entire duration. Mo is very helpful. I get feedback on my questions and concerns very quickly. I think I can’t make all the progress and complete the course without his help. I definitely recommend this course

Abdul Hai


The BBDS 13 week course is a great course to start your Data Science journey. This course is for people with a basic to advanced level skill-set. This is a well-structured and intensive course where you will learn R programming, Python, Sas Enterprise Miner, Tableau, Rapid Miner, Watson Analytics, Machine Learning, and other tools needed to pursue a career in the Data Science field.The assignments and the reference materials are really beneficial, …

Firdos Rehman

QA - LA California

BBDS course is a high paced comprehensive dive to the world of Data Science. It’s allowed me to learn the foundations and develop the skills in using the tools and methodologies. A great effort by the course instructor team who had complied and excellent topic wise layout and content. Additionally, the hands-on exercises are concept reinforces and with workspace interactions with course participants the learning journey is optimized. Highly recommended …

Ahsan Mumtaz

Tech Support - BHS/ IIU - Chicago

It was nice working with the instructor Mo. in his course Big Bang Data Science, he gave me all the materials that a data scientist might need. I really appreciate his efforts. BBDS is an opportunity to change the career with a short period of time it is like master degree but in a shorter time. You don’t have to have background on it. He will give you the tools to start this career path. He is open to any question and any help.

Maya Burhani

IT - Cloud Syria

The course is suitable all level of learners from the beginner to advanced. It is easy to understand, concise, rich and contains many examples, documents, and books. Although it can be thought that it is a high-density program to follow and apply, I think it is needed for this type of training in such a new technology. Mo is an expert, helpful, wise and well-appointed person who always tries to give all of his energy and support to his students as much as he can….

Serkan KAYA

Ph.D. in Physics,

I came to know about the Data Science course offered by BBDS through word of mouth from one of my friends. I initially joined the course (Batch 13) . just with the intention of checking out the quality of the instruction and content. After attending 1 month for free, I was compelled to join this after carefully considering how complex topics were covered in a very simplified manner, without gong much into the complexities of mathematics involved. Before this, I tried joining other courses offered by Andrew NG, Udemy, etc. but after attending two or three sessions of those, I could not comprehend as instructions were going very deep into math and statistics. I was looking for more of a practitioner’s approach to learning data science rather than at an algorithmic level and this course fitted perfectly into that category. I would recommend this course to anyone who intends to start their journey into the exciting field of DS.

Yawar Khan

Br Mo, your patience amazes me. Mashallah I have appreciated your knowledge, your honestly and genuine care to constantly improve our experience. You introduce new libraries, keeping up with the latest in the DS world and share that knowledge with us. It is no surprise students crave to repeat your course, so they can benefit from your constantly updated material.  I almost feel I’ve short changed you for what I’ve learned vs the price I’ve paid for the course. Right before taking this course, I completed a Masters degree and I must say, I may have learned more in the 20+ weeks (and going) than I learned in my 2 years in a university.

Ilham Tirmizi

Mo is nice and kind by nature. The same goes with ED, very lay back. I like it. The teachers know their subject. The class price cost is very fair and cheaper compare to others classes. Mo tries his best to answer all the questions asked by students. Besides few issues, the students’ group in WhatsApp is kind and helpful. Many subjects covered during the session … Many materials are available to improve students’ skillset. … The course is well organized and directed toward DS professionals.

Farouk Ola